Blue HeronEach year the South Indian River Water Control District prepares a budget for the coming fiscal year, which runs September through October. The budget includes water control and road maintenance for the East and West sides of the District, maintenance for the Jupiter Park of Commerce and Egret Landing, and park maintenance in Palm Beach Country Estates. Debt service funds, capital projects funds, and internal operations and maintenance funds are also included.


The District Treasurer prepares a preliminary budget for the Board of Supervisors' review and consideration in the month of June each year. After review by the Board and any needed adjustments are made, the proposed budget is presented at a public hearing in August, usually the third Thursday of the month. The hearing is duly noticed in the local news publications and landowners are informed by letter. A copy of the proposed budget is made available for review by landowners at the District office each year and on this webpage.


After the August public hearing is adjourned, the Board convenes their monthly board meeting where the District Treasurer presents the final budget for consideration and approval of the resolution adopting the budget and the levying of special assessments.


Annual Budget Meeting - August 20, 2020

Preliminary Budget - Subject to workshop to be announced.

The proposed budget will be posted when approved by the Board.


Annual Budget Meeting - August 15, 2019

Total assessments from all SIRWCD programs are proposed to decrease from last year’s level of $6,097,775 to $5,521,500, or approximately 9.5%, for the 2019-2020 fiscal year.


Special Revenue funds are used to account for activities that benefit a defined area or program. An Internal Service fund (operations) is used to account for the day-to-day maintenance activities. Using a transfer pricing mechanism, the cost of these activities are distributed to the special revenue funds and occasionally, the capital projects funds. Debt Service funds are used to account for the accumulation of funds for the payment of debt service items. Capital Projects funds are used for the construction of projects and the accumulation of resources for equipment and road replacement.


The budget is the main management tool of the Board of Supervisors since it is used to implement its policies. The budget is built from the ground up. Staff develop the expected needs for each fund and determine the resources required to fulfill those needs.


Revenue, other than from assessments, and any available carryover funds (fund equity) are deducted to determine the net assessment. For each fund needing an assessment, the basis of the distribution of the assessment is determined. Generally, for water control purposes, acreage is used; for road and parks, parcels are used. The basis of the assessment is established in the prior Plans of Improvement as approved by the Board.


Annually, the District receives an assessment roll from the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser containing over 7,400 individual parcels. It is thoroughly reviewed, since the parcels may change over the previous year as some are combined or a new program is assessed.


A Budget Committee comprised of two Board Members reviews the Preliminary Budget. After incorporating changes suggested by the committee, the Proposed Budget is sent to the full board. The Board reviews the Proposed Budget and makes changes as they desire. The Annual Budget Public Hearing is held and the Board adopts the budget, as revised, and the related assessment resolution incorporating the assessment roll.
The Financial Management software is loaded with these data, so that the monthly Treasurer's report can be used to monitor the fiscal health of the District throughout the year.

A link to the Approved Budget is shown below. The previous fiscal years' approved budget and financial audit are also available for your reference. Contact the District Office at 561-747-0550 if you have any questions.


Approved Budget Fiscal Year 2019-2020

Resolution Adopting Budget Fiscal Year 2019-2020

Adopted Budget Fiscal Year 2018-2019


Audited Financial Statements 2019