Road Maintenance

Dirt road maintenanceDistrict landowners are assessed each year for road maintenance - this includes both surfaced and unsurfaced roads. There are currently over 85 miles of hard-surfaced roads in the District - either paved to Palm Beach County asphalt standards or open-graded emulsified mix (OGEM). In addition, there are over 104 miles of unpaved dirt roads to be maintained within the District. SIRWCD adheres to a regular schedule for the maintenance of the roadways. Due to weather conditions and other factors, additional road work may be performed in addition to the regular maintenance schedule.

Palm Beach County contracts with SIRWCD to provide some services, such as the placement and replacement of road signs. Law enforcement is provided by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Department. Any concerns or questions regarding speeding or other traffic offenses should be addressed to the Sheriffi's office.

To accomplish the major responsibilities of dirt road maintenance, SIRWCD uses several heavy pieces of equipment such as graders and tractors that operate throughout the District. On average, the major roads on the east side of the District are maintained twice a week and on the west side, two or three times per week. Traffic volume, weather conditions, mechanical failure, priority emergencies, or personnel availability may alter the schedule without notice. For a schedule of dirt road maintenance, contact the District Office. Maintenance of the District's asphalt and OGEM road is done as conditions warrant resurfacing or patching.


SIRWCD 2016 OGEM Road Maintenance Schedule - Work will begin after the first of the year, with the roads scheduled for fog sealing. Signs are posted on each of the roads being maintained. Landowners may call the District office with any questions.


A major responsibility of the District is maintaining the approximate 400 miles of swales along the roadways. Residents provide assistance to the District by maintaining the swales fronting their property. It is important to keep these swales free of debris so as not to hinder the normal gravity flow following periods of heavy rainfall. For more information please see our Stormwater Management page.